New Interviews and Trailer of “Women Documentary Directors”

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As June Owens continues to direct the feature documentary “Women Documentary Directors”, she has many new interviews to add to the film.

New Interviews:

Geralyn Dreyfous, Co-Founder, Impact Partners

Ryan Harrington, VP of Artist Programs, Tribeca Film Institute

Ruth Ann Harnisch, Founder, Harnisch Foundation,

Tabitha Jackson, Director, Documentary Film Program, Sundance Institute

Gini Reticker, Executive Producer of Hot Girls Wanted and The Trials of Spring

Jenni Wolfson, Executive Director, Chicken & Egg Pictures

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Director, Writer & Producer of The Mask You Live In and Miss Representation

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why am i creating a documentary about women documentary directors when i’m a women documentary director….

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a documentary about women documentary directors by a women documentary director…created years ago and I’m almost done with this project … getting closer…guess there are a lot of women documentary directors who were born in America that I have to find and interview…but it will get done!


again i answer why i’m doing this interactive factual documentary (and stand alone film)

My objective is to show how Documentaries are shaped by new technology- forming new dialogues and ways to be together and communicate.

This cross-media approach is leading to new Dialogues and ways to be together and communicate.

This project will also provide an opportunity for scholars and “makers” of documentary or (interactive factual narrative) opportunities to see New Films, Found Films, Re-present documentary women directors work.

Framegrab from the doc

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Framegrab of Tracy Droz Tragos (co-producer and director of RICH HILL) from the documentary feature I’ve been making titled “Documentary Women Directors”.  

framegrab tracy

Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

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Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Global Symposiums 2014, Los Angeles, October 6, 2014

DSC00060June Owens (left) and Dr. Stacey Smith (right)

Women Documentary Directors …Feminism topic

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What is Feminism?  (video response)

Women Documentary Directors Collage

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collage of women documentary directors
collage of women documentary directors

the Question…

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The directors discuss the reality of an explicit women’s point of view
The possibility of a women’s cinematic language
The desire in their films to ‘fantasize and dream a new image of
themselves’. (Is this possible? Is this what a woman director does?)
Are there sexual differences in selection of image, shot, and story?
Questions from: WOMEN WHO MADE THE MOVIES. A film made in 1992 by
Wheeler Winston Dixon. He spoke to and about early pioneers such as: Alice
Guy Blaché, Ruth Ann Baldwin, Ida Lupino, Leni Riefenstahl, Dorothy Davenport
Reid, Lois Weber, Kathlyn Williams, and Cleo Madison.
My question is why hasn’t more been written since the early 1990’s about women
documentary directors?

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why did i start this blog about women documentary directors?